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The Art of Dining and Imbibing in Miami (Beach)

 Though there are many restaurants in Miami, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, this list is concentrated on places on the beach.  Why?  Two reasons.  The editor lives there and many visitors stay in the various luxury hotels on the beach.  With so many excellent selections in the neighborhood, it makes venturing over the causeway a bit of an adventure – though usually quite enjoyable.

Choosing where to dine in Miami Beach is often the hardest decision to make!  There are so many amazing restaurants, ranging from casual and fun to formal and elegant.   As the city grows, the level of sophistication is rising as well… the restaurants are varied and colorful, and represent a full spectrum of international flavors, palates and styles.  Although, there are some disappointments affecting the overall dining experience, particularly when the level of service is below other “foodie” cities like New York, Paris, London and San Francisco.  Therefore, the venues included, or not included in this list, reflect the total package – where ambiance, décor, service and food all play important roles to the ultimate meal.


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