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The heart and soul of the Miami art scene is perhaps best exemplified in its museums, private collections and collaborative projects.  The locations included in this guide showcase some of the loveliest jewels of the metropolitan area, and are grouped together because, unlike the galleries, their art is not for sale.

The Museums

The art museums featured in this guide are diverse and unique- as is discerned by their architecture and their art.  Each of these preeminent museums offers a different position in terms of their mission statement, collections, and exhibitions.  The ensemble creates a strong and dynamic presence in the art world: Bass Museum of Art, Miami Art Museum (MAM – which will transition to PAM, the Perez Art Museum of Miami in late 2013), Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA),  The Wolfsonian– Florida International University (FIU).

Other niche museums which grace the Miami landscape are: Frost (FIU), Jewish Museum (FIU), Lowe Museum of Art (University of Miami), and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.


Passionate and Philanthropic Patrons

In addition to the access to beautiful museums, Miami residents and visitors are fortunate to have the deep support and passion of some extremely philanthropic art patrons – all who dedicate an incredible amount of time and money to their collections and foundations, which are open to the public.

These four collections and foundations represent not only a generosity of spirit, but an avant-garde and visionary leadership in the contemporary art world.  We are so privileged and appreciate the dedication of these inestimable patron families of the arts: Cisneros Fontenals, De la Cruz; Margulies, and Rubbell.

Visiting the Museums and Private Collections 

Discovering the artistic jewels of Miami is always such a pleasure. A particularly dynamic way to tour them is through the Art Concierge Private Services and Art Tours.  We provide customized private tours and connections to the inner art circles of Miami.  We can orchestrate personalized tours  and guide you through the best of the current exhibitions.

Arts Education and Support

The role of educating our children about the arts is paramount to the future of a better society.    Understanding the history and connection of the arts throughout the world should be an integral part of education.

Funding of the arts in the public school systems has been dramatically cut over the years, thus the importance of cultural  institutions that provide platforms of education grows commensurately.

As the federal, state and local governments provide an increasingly smaller percentage of their respective budgets to support the arts, it is critical for corporations and individuals to contribute as much as possible to the funding of all of our cultural organizations. Much of the funding of programs and exhibitions, as well as general operating costs, is reliant on the generosity and support of the community.



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