Miami Theater Company

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Miami Theater Company (formerly named the PlayGround Theatre)

This theater company was founded in 2004 by Artistic Director Stephanie Ansin, with the mission to produce and present classical and contemporary works that entertain, educate, and delight a full range of audiences. Their productions emphasize intellectual, emotional, and social development while reflecting the cultural diversity of South Florida.

Their pieces reflect the international flavor of Miami and expose audiences to not only American modern classics such as Sam Shepard, but also to the literature, art, and culture of other countries – including Russia, China, England, Colombia, Italy.

A strong component of the company is their connection to the local community and education.  The Theatre Inclusion Program (TIP) provides access to all children and adults.  This innovative program was designed so that all children – those with special needs as well as those without – can enjoy a performance together.  Special accommodations are made so that children with sensory, motor, cognitive and other developmental challenges can enjoy the performance, allowing them to have a sense of empowerment and inclusion.  All children and their families will ultimately gain greater understanding of, sensitivity to and empathy for others. 

Workshops, classes, and camps offer theater education in a variety of venues throughout the community, such as parks, schools, and hospitals, in addition to their own theater location. View to map.

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