What is Art Concierge?

The rapid growth of the art market has led to a proliferation of art fairs, galleries, private collections, installations and events. Even for the most sophisticated and savvy art consumer, it is difficult to discern what is important and where to see and purchase art.

Art Concierge helps clients refine their taste in art, discover where to find art and enjoy highly customized art experiences

Art Concierge provides unique and elite art experiences. We provide invaluable advice and information on art, cultural activities and events, and accompany guests to top galleries, private collections and museums. We also plan experiential trips to the top art biennials and fairs. We cater to art novices and collectors alike.

Why buy art?
There are distinctively different reasons for purchasing art, and corresponding process to create the selection criteria. The approach is quite different depending on what the customer is looking to achieve:


We introduce clients to the galleries and artists that are best suited to their personal sense of aesthetic and budget, and help find the art work that they need to create or enhance a collection.

Decorating –

We work with clients to plan and purchase the most beautiful art additions for their home, garden, office or yacht- to create a holistic and cohesive visual space.


we introduce clients to top specialists in art valuation for the purpose of financial investment.


How to experience art?

One of the best ways to discover art, and to develop a personal style and preference, is through private tours. The ultimate Art Concierge tour includes personalized cultural content of the area and its evolution, with customized recommendations based on different criteria:
 1. how much time to spend in the area
 2. level of knowledge and interest in contemporary art, modern art, design, architecture, music, history
 3. level of intent to purchase/invest in art and spending budgets