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Art Services and Tours

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Miami is a veritable treasure chest of artistic gems. Like most treasure, it can be challenging to discover without a lot of research and preparation- and maybe a little luck.

The rapid growth of the market has led to a proliferation of over 200 art galleries, collections, installations and events. It is difficult to discern which are important and where to see and potentially purchase good art.

We are pleased to offer private art consultation services and tours of the top art venues in Miami (Wynwood, Design District) and Miami Beach.

The objective of “Art Concierge – the private view of Art in Miami” is to provide a unique and elite art experiences. We provide invaluable advice and information on art and cultural activities and events, and accompany guests to top galleries and private collections in Miami; for art novices and collectors alike.


ART SERVICES – each client is unique, each project is a master piece

Art Collecting – we will introduce you to the galleries and artists that are best suited to your personal sense of aesthetic and budget, and help you find the art work that you need to create or enhance a collection.

Decorating – we will work with you to plan and purchase the most beautiful art additions for your home, garden, office or yacht- to create a holistic and cohesive visual space.

Investing in Art– we will introduce you to top specialists in art valuation for the purpose of financial investment.


TOURS – whether custom or standard, each tour is prepared for each client’s specifications and taste

The ultimate VIP tour includes personalized cultural content of the area and its evolution, with customized recommendations based on these criteria:

  • how much time to spend in Miami area
  • level of knowledge/interest in contemporary art, modern art, older art periods, design, architecture, music, history, fine dining, networking and social events
  • level of intent to purchase/invest in art and spending budgets


Privé (6 guests maximum)
  • Four hours, visiting three or four locations
  • Champagne reception, lunch and transportation
Aficionado (15 guests maximum)
  • Three hours, visiting three or four locations
  • Wine and cheese reception; transportation
Connoisseur (15 guests maximum)
  • Four hours visiting three or four locations
  • Lunch and transportation
Impresario (20 guests maximum)
  • Four hours visiting four or five locations
  • Champagne reception, lunch and transportation
  • Direct access and private phone consultations with the Art Concierge (for up to 20 people) for 1 month
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