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Author Archive

Why Art Concierge?

Written by judyholm on . Posted in About Art Concierge

I attended Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) 2010 in preparation for my work in Venice at the 2011 Biennale.  After a ten-year absence from the area, I could not believe the incredible and wonderful evolution of this city and the entire region, particularly in urban development and cultural innovation and maturation.  Specifically because of my perception of creative opportunities and this aspirational spirit of Miami Beach, I made the decision to relocate from San Francisco. 

The importance of art and culture has not only an important image impact on the community, but specifically with the advent of Art Basel Miami Beach, there is a discernible ripple effect on the entire economic growth of the city and its surrounding neighboring cities.

 Art Basel is considered by most of the art world to be one of the most prestigious and financially important organizations worldwide.  In fact, ABMB has eclipsed the Basel fair as the largest sale of art worldwide.  This year, according to ARTLOG, the early estimates are $1 billion of art sold, and 50,000 attendees in the 260 gallery, 2,000-artists’ exhibition.  Additionally, fourteen satellite fairs, all of the important museums and other cultural organizations, countless galleries, murals (!), design showrooms, restaurants, and retailers all presented art and benefitted economically with raised visibility within the ever-growing and prestigious domestic and international base of attendees.

The zenith of this fair, and its related overwhelming positive financial and cultural impacts have brought unprecedented and inestimable value to Miami and Miami Beach.

The long-term potential of Miami and Miami Beach as a serious cultural center is at a critical stage of development.  The local level of dynamism and creativity is intense, but the international interest in the region as a cultural hub is still fragile, and largely linked to the presence of Art Basel.  The annual infrastructure of this most venerated exhibition, the continued cultural and related economic growth in our community- fueled by international art collectors, gallerists, and critics, is an exciting element of the cultural organic growth of our community.

As Vice-Chair of Art and Culture for the new council at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, I believe that one of the most important aspects of the group is to communicate, promote and highlight the jewels of our city.  The relevancy of art and culture is particularly critical today, as the public education in our schools has eliminated much of the funding, and related programs for our children. 

The future of art and culture, as with anything, lies with the future generations.  The need to educate and provide access to art and culture is therefore paramount; ultimately with the goal to incite interest and support.  One of the best ways to grow a business, is to attract lifelong “customers.”  Creating interest and passion about the myriad of categories in art and culture will help ensure commitment for generations to come.

Art Concierge will be (PRE)viewing and (RE)viewing several different organizations and events each month.  Please, let us know if you have any ideas to share, or would like to recommend an organization or event to be featured- and we will let you know what we think!



Written by judyholm on . Posted in Art Fairs

In recent years, and with growing audiences, Art Fairs have become an international mecca for the art world.  In a few short days, a large number of buyers, sellers, collectors, advisors, aficionados and novices gather and transact tremendous sales that set the image and value of the represented artists and galleries.

Art fair opening night previews are typically fun and exciting. They provide the first opportunity to purchase artwork before the fair opens to the general public. Opening nights are frequently gala events, supporting charities and nonprofit art organizations.

Fairs are not only for trade, but also a wonderful way for the public to enjoy art in a concentrated way, where many galleries bring in works from across the globe for display at the fair.  Typically, all forms of art are exhibited:  paintings, sculptures, photographs, video and “site specific” installations. Fairs are also increasingly broader, and more “commercialized” with more commerce and art forms being added to the mix.  Other cultural disciplines, such as design, fashion, music, dance and food are now blending into the scene.  Pop-up store, tents and temporary galleries are transforming the landscape of single-venue fairs of the past.

The growing popularity and importance of Art Basel Miami Beach, entering into its eleventh edition in 2012, has led to the perhaps the most prolific example of the transcultural format, now drawing almost twenty independent parallel fairs and a seemingly countless number of ancillary cultural events.

Some fairs have been in place for many years.  For example, Art Cologne (Kölner Kunstmarkt), established in 1967 is considered the first art fair organized by and for commercial galleries to exhibit and sell Modern and Contemporary art. The fair runs for almost a week, includes galleries from over 20 countries and attracts about 60,000 visitors.

A few years later, Art Basel was established in 1970 by a group of local gallerists and is now the largest Modern and contemporary art fair in the world. This year in June, 65,000 people attended the fair. Art Basel is the parent company of “Art Basel Miami Beach” and has recently taken over a third fair in Hong Kong, to be produced for the first edition in May 2013.


Biennales are major shows of contemporary art, held every two years. They are typically international in scope and hosted by a major city. A major distinction from Art Fairs is that they are non-commercial.  There is a committee-based selection of artists to show select works, but the art is not for sale.  A biennale usually has an official theme, and is held throughout the host city in many venues. There are more than fifty art and design biennales around the world today, including the Venice, Kassel, Sydney and New York City’s Whitney.

History of the Venice Biennale

Established in 1895, the Venice Biennale is one of the most important and prestigious cultural institutions in the world. In 2011, the Biennale recorded over 370,000 visitors at the Art Exhibition, which runs from Jun 1 through the end of November, every “odd” year. Following the introduction of the Art Exhibition, additional cultural festivals were added in the 1930s: Music, Cinema, and Theatre (the Venice Film Festival in 1932 was the first film festival ever organized). Subsequently, the city hosted the first International Architecture Exhibition in 1980, and added a Dance festival in 1999.  The city is now filled with the festivals year-round.

Arte Americas

Written by judyholm on . Posted in Art Fairs

Arte Americas – Reflections on Latin American Art

(as appeared in Miami Beach News 3/22/12)

Launched in 2003, the year after the first Art Basel Miami Beach, Arte Americas celebrated its tenth edition in early March.  The importance of Arte Americas to metropolitan Miami is paramount.  Not only does our geographic location represent the primary gateway to Latin America, but provides a visible showcase to some of the most important art and artists emanating from Spain, Mexico, Central and South America.

The show was created under the direction of Dora Valdes-Fauli; is backed by a veritable “who’s who” in the art world- with Leslie Pantin as President, Emilio Calleja as Vice President, and an advisory committee of over eighty members, including Paul Cejs, Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz, Bonnie Clearwater and Silvia Karman Cubina. This year’s fair contained works from forty-eight local, domestic and international galleries, and included several exceptional projects.  “Art Talks,” open to the fair attendees, approached important topics regarding Latin American art – from current trends and history, to collecting and programming.  The panel included our own Arts and Culture Council board member, and Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Bass Museum-Silvia Karman Cubina.  The final lecture, entitled “Living in Color” featured the life and work of the brilliant Carlos Cruz-Diez.

I was honored to attend the opening night of the fair, and was dazzled by the vibrant sounds, sights and feeling swirling around the space.  While all of the galleries presented beautiful works of art from very talented artists, a few highlights stood out for me.

Most Magical: Rafael Barrios, represented by Art Nouveau Gallery, creates illusions that defy gravity.  His works seem to literally bounce in the air, yet they are masterfully rooted, with a base that appears delicate and improbable.

I had the delight of meeting the artist at his vernissage last month, and have a deeper appreciation of his work.  In addition to the pieces exhibited here, he has also been commissioned by the city of New York, with a series of nine huge pieces adorning Park Avenue from March through June, located directly in front of the Armory building.  The Armory show, the most important contemporary art fair in New York, also occurs in March.

Most Powerful: The powerful work of Manuel Carbonell was highly visible in the fair.  The smooth, strong, black forms are a joy to behold. To quote the artist, “I search in my sculpture for the essence of the forms and the absence of detail while I struggle to obtain a feeling of monumentality…”

Most Dynamic: George Billis and his New York-based George Billis Gallery.  I chatted with George about his Gallery, and the beautiful and whimsical work of Alejandro Mazon, “The Memory of Rabbits” is a collage of nostalgic images- imbued with religion, family, work, love, heaven and beyond.  It is a fantasy created in acrylic, vintage papers, found objects, and mounted on canvas.

In addition to his Gallery, he directs Red Dot Fairs, present at both the Armory and the prestigious satellite during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Most Creative: West Encounters East, “Light and Shadows” curated by Stella M. Holmes

This exhibition is part of an evolving concept created by collector and museum trustee, Stella M. Holmes.  Cross-cultural ties bind all of the artists represented in this exhibition – Latin American artists with Asian heritage.  The influence of multi-cultural backgrounds is apparent in all of their works.  In particular, I was mesmerized by the photography of Guillermo Ueno, born and working in Buenos Aires, Argentine.   His work demonstrates a juxtaposition of light and dark, emotion often hidden from the faces of the subjects, or obscured from view.  Beautiful.

Most Forward-Thinking: Office of Engaged Teaching, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (ETSCA), established by Dr. Brian Schriner, Dean of FIU Architecture and the Arts, Chair of the Miami Beach Arts and culture Council. 

As previously reviewed in an earlier column, the focus of the Office of ETSCA is “create, innovate and inspire a more beautiful, sustainable, healthy, and just tomorrow” through the Arts.  It is committed to research and activities that will impact the health and sustainability of local and global communities; it will bring together various FIU offices, local governments, business leaders, students, alumni and faculty to accomplish its mission.

FLOR500 is a multidisciplinary project developed by Miami artist Xavier Cortada to commemorate Florida’s quincentenniel in 2013.  500 Floridians will be selected to depict 500 native wild flowers- the same species that adorned the landscape when Ponce de Leon arrived in 1513 and named it “La Florida” from the Spanish word for flower. There will be more exciting components to this project, with connection to the community and the land, thereby fulfilling the mission of the ETSCA.

Arte Americas is an integral and invaluable part of the Miami landscape.  The role of promoting and highlighting a vast range of artists from around the world, with connections and ties to Miami, is critical for the further development of our culture.  From the well-established masters, to the innovative and bold students, the works exhibited at Arte Americas is a beautiful showcase for the past, present and future of art in Miami, resonating with the important heritage from Latin America.

Bravo to the countless individuals who have contributed to the success and ensured the future of this wonderful fair.  We look forward to seeing you all again in 2013!

..\..\..\..\Miami COC Art and Culture\ARTE AMERICAS 2012\Proofs- Arts and Culture Council Article- March 22_jpg – Gmail.mht







A Highlighted Selection of 2012 International Fairs

Written by judyholm on . Posted in Art Fairs

A highlighted selection of 2012 International Fairs 

With hundreds of  art fairs happening across the globe, the list below is of many of the major fairs, with an emphasis on the US and European markets.

January 2012 Art Fairs

Miami International Art Fair
January 12 – 16, 2012
Seafair MIA (Maimi)
Intercontinental Hotel Dock adjacent to Bayfront Park aboard SeaFair
January 12 – 16, 2012
London Art Fair
January 18 – 22, 2012
Los Angeles Art Show
January 18 – 22, 2012

Art Los Angeles Contemporary
January 19 – 22, 2012

Art Palm Beach
January 20 – 23, 2012
San Francisco Fine Print Fair
January 27 – 29, 2012

February 2012 Art Fairs

San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Show
February 2 – 5, 2012
American International Fine Art Fair (Palm Beach)
February 3 – 12, 2012
Art Rotterdam (Netherlands)
February 9 – 12, 2012
ARCO (Madrid)
February 15 – 19, 2012
Seafair MIA (Miami)
Intercontinental Hotel Dock adjacent to Bayfront Park aboard SeaFair
February 16 – 20, 2012

Art Wynwood (Miami)
February 16 – 20, 2012
Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
February 17 – 21, 2012


March 2012 Art Fairs

arteamericas (Latin American Art) Fair (Miami)
March 2 – 5, 2012
The Art Show (New York)
March 6 – 11, 2012

  • Scope New York
    March 7 – 11, 2012
  • Art Now (New York)
    March 8 – 11, 2012
  • Theorize NY (New York)
    March 8 – 11, 2012
  • The Armory Show (New York)
    March 8 – 11, 2012
  • Fountain Art Fair New York
    March 9 – 11, 2012
  • PooL Art Fair New York
    March 9 – 11, 2012


  • Contemporary Video Art Fair (New York)
    March 9 – 11, 2012


  • Volta NY (New York)
    March 9 – 11, 2012

TEFAF Maastricht 2012 (The Netherlands)
March 16 – 25, 2012
Art Dubai
March 21 – 24, 2012
New York Arts of Pacific Asia Show
March 20 – 25, 2012
Glasgow Art Show (Scotland)
March 23 – 25, 2012
Art Paris Art Fair 2012
March 29th – April 1, 2012

April 2012 Art Fairs

CIGE 2012 – China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing)
April 12 – 15, 2012
Dallas Art Fair (Dallas, TX)
April 13 -15, 2012
Mexico Arte Contemporaneo (Mexico City)
April 18 – 22, 2012
Art Cologne (Germany)
April 18 – 22, 2012
Art Brussels (Belgium)
April 19 – 22, 2012

May 2012 Art Fairs

Pulse New York
May 3 – 6, 2012
Red Dot New York (Canceled due to labor union disputes)
May 3 – 6, 2012
Frieze New York
May 4 – 7,2012
May 4 – 7,2012
SF Fine Art Fair (San Francisco) 
May 17 – 19, 2012
Hong Kong International Art Fair (China)
May 17 – 20, 2012
Seafair – Greenwich Art and Design (Greenwich, CT)
Docked at Marina Jacks aboard SeaFair
May 24 – 28, 2012

June 2012 Art Fairs

Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair (London)
June 7 – 17, 2012
Art Antiques London (London)
June 13 – 20, 2012
Art 43 Basel (Switzerland)
June 14 – 17, 2012

GZ-ART BASEL (Switzerland)
June 13 – 17, 2012

Festival International Montreal en Arts (F.I.M.A) (Montreal)
June 27 – July 1, 2012
Master Drawings London 2012
June 27 – July 5, 2012


July 2012 Art Fairs

July 13 – 15, 2012
artMRKT Hamptons (Bridgehampton, NY)
July 19 – 22, 2012


August 2012 Art Fairs

August 2 – 5, 2012
Art Nocturne Knocke – International Art and Antiques Fair (Belgium)
August 11 – 19, 2012

September 2012 Art Fairs

Sao Paolo Biennale, Sep 5-11
SH – The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair (Shanghai, China)
September 7 – 9, 2012
Berliner Liste 2012
September 13 – 16, 2012
Houston Fine Art Fair
September 14 – 16, 2012
Art Now – Chicago
September 20 – 23, 2012
AVENUE Antiques, Art & Design at the Armory (New York, NY)
September 21 – 24, 2012

October 2012 Art Fairs

Fine Art Asia 2012 (Hong Kong)
October 4 – 7, 2012

Frieze Art Fair (London)
October 11 – 14, 2012

Paris FIAC – Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain,

18 – 21 October 2012


Texas Contemporary Art Fair (Houston)
October 18 – 21, 2012

American Craft Show NYC and Contemporary Art Fair NYC
October 19-21, 2012

Wynwood Art Fair (Miami)
October 26 – 29, 2012

November 2012 Art Fairs

Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show (Dallas)
November 1 – 5, 2012
Abu Dhabi Art (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
November 7 – 10, 2012


December 2012 Art Fairs – Miami and Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach
December 6 – 9, 2012
Aqua 12 at the Aqua Hotel (Miami Beach)
December 6 – 9, 2012
Art Miami
December 5 – 9, 2012
ART ASIA (Miami)
December 5 – 9, 2012
TBD – Arts for a Better World (2011)
TBD – Art NOW (2011)
Design Miami, Dec 5-9
Fountain Art Fair, December 6-9
INK Miami Art Fair (Miami Beach)
December 5 – 9, 2012
International Contemporary Jewelry Fair (ICJF), which will premiere during Art Basel Miami Beach week, December 4th to the 9th of 2012 (NEW)
NADA Art Fair – Miami Beach
December 5 – 9, 2012
TBD Pool (2011)
December 5 – 9, 2012
Red Dot Miami
December 5 – 9, 2012
Scope Miami
December 4 – 9, 2012
Select Fair – Miami Beach
December 5 – 9, 2012
AOA Tribal Art Miami Show
December 6 – 9, 2012

Untitled, Dec 5-9 2012 (NEW)

Verge Art Miami Beach
December 6 – 9, 2012

Art Galleries

Written by judyholm on . Posted in Galleries

Art Galleries

As recently as only twenty years ago, there was little art representation, and only a few galleries that existed in Miami.  In part due to the growing visibility and importance of Art Basel Miami Beach to the international art world, the evolution of the local art scene is perhaps evidenced by the number and range of galleries.  There are estimates of over 200 individual galleries in Miami Dade County.   While some may be filled with art of dubious quality, some are home to incredible works from artists around the globe- ranging from modern masters and contemporary emerging talent to fine art, pop-art and edgy street art. 

This guide is intended to represent the finest galleries in the art-centric area of Wynwood and the Design District.  Some are more conservative, and some are quite avant-garde.  All are owned and managed by some of the savviest people in the local art world. 

Though there are several interesting galleries in areas outside of Wynwood and the Design District, this resource is concentrated on the focal point of these neighborhoods.

To keep a pulse on the highly volatile and rapidly evolving global art world, it is both exciting and paramount to be involved with the exhibitions and artists’ works in these galleries- (as well as the art in the private collections and museums covered in other sections of this guide).

 One of the highlights of the Miami art scene is “Second Saturdays” of every month – when Wynwood and the Design District come alive with multiple openings, new artworks and the very vibrant international flavor of Miami – food trucks, street music, DJ’s and lovely receptions in many of the galleries – all enticing residents and visitors to enjoy art, discover new works and hopefully fall in love with a new acquisition! 

Exploring these galleries is always enjoyable- but a wonderful way to navigate the highlights and maybe receive the most personalized and private tours is through the Art Concierge Private Services and Art Tours.  We provide customized private tours and connections to the inner art circles of Miami.


Written by judyholm on . Posted in Galleries

Wynwood Galleries

David Castillo Gallery

2234 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127 
tel +1 305 573 8110

   View map
Eric Charest-Weinberg

250 NW 23rd Street, #408
Miami, FL 33127

tel +1 305 292 0411

  view map
Gallery Diet

174 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

tel +1 305 571 2288

  view map
Emerson Dorsch Gallery

151 NW 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127

tel +1 305 576 1278

  view map
Robert Fontaine Gallery

175 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL 33127
tel +1 305 3978530

  View map
Gary Nadar Gallery

62 N.E. 27th Street

Miami FL 33137

tel +1 305 576 0256

  view map 
Fredric Snitzer Gallery

2247 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33146

+1 305 448 8976

   view map 
Zadok gallerie

2534 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
tel +1 305 438 3737

                                                      view map  



Design District and Beyond.

101 Exhibit

101 Northeast 40th Street

Miami, FL 33137
tel +1 305 573 6101

View map 

Boulan, the Art Hotel

2000 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139 

tel +1 305 538 7661

View map

Etra Fine Art

50 Northeast 40th Street

Miami, FL 33137
tel +1 305 438 4383

View map 

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art

158 NW 91st Street
Miami, FL 33150

tel +1 305 490 6906

View map 

Iran Issa-Khan

180 Northeast 39th Street  Miami, FL 33137
tel +1 305 573 4614

View map 


Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

Written by judyholm on . Posted in Art Fairs

(excerpts from article appearing in Miami Beach News 12/14/11)

The Monday morning after “Art Basel week” for art lovers around the globe feels like the day after Christmas or Hanukah.  All the bright, shiny presents were opened, ripped open, to discover the joys inside.  The new toys have been discovered, played with and now put away in the closet.  The new sweaters tried on and now folded neatly in their new drawers.  The memories of rich meals still heavy in our bellies. The new gym routine can wait a few more days.

It’s time to relish the gifts of the previous week.  Art Basel Miami Beach 2011, or ABMB, concluded the tenth consecutive year.  The year-long preparation culminated in an intense myriad of art, performing art, design, jewelry, cars, fashion, music, dancing, food and wine. 

While the figures of the sale of art were still being compiled, the ripple effect of the frenzied week of art fairs and exhibitions with their competing vernissages was indelible in our minds…

I visited Miami Beach last November, specifically to attend ABMB 2010.  The trip was comparative research for my pending projects in the forthcoming Venice Biennale.  Nothing prepared me for the experience, and how incredibly consuming the week of art has become here.  Returning back to San Francisco, I announced to my friends and colleagues that I was relocating to Miami Beach. Yes, relocating.

Flash forward to ABMB 2011, and here I was, a proud newcomer to “the beach.”  I share with my friends around the world every day (thank you facebook) how ecstatic I am to be living in this amazing city.  And, reflecting on ABMB 2011, I am even more delighted than before.

The pulse of Miami Beach, already vibrant, races furiously for this week of art and culture.  During the past year of preparation, art aficionados train like triathletes.  Who’s going to be hot this year?  What will surprise us?  Who will disappoint?  Who’s buying?  Who’s gone up, and who’s gone down?  How much can we consume of the simultaneous fairs and programs that now compete for our attention… How can we measure the success- from the actual sale of art to publicity, buzz, press, social media tweets and face book postings?

ABMB spawned 14 collateral fairs, spread across Miami Beach and Miami.  On Miami Beach, the centerpiece is the official show in the convention center, with 260 international galleries representing the most prestigious art on the market today.  Most serious art collectors and their agents make their deals prior to arriving, and show up privately for a few hours to complete the transactions.  Millions of dollars exchange hands quietly, before the frenzy.

Rippling out from the epicenter, are not only the 14 parallel fairs, but countless other exhibitions, galleries, restaurants and hotels- all showcasing some form of art. 

Art, art, art is everywhere.

After my personal experience from 2010, when, as a benefactor to MOCA Miami and the Guggenheims, I had “invitations” to some of the most elite openings and associated parties; I still wanted an even better experience this year.

And I got it.  Through “Special VIP” status, art collectors, press, and other connected and hip art “people” gain access to the inner sanctum of the VIP Lounge, hosted by the top fair sponsors, from UBS, Cartier and Net Jets to Bally and Ruinart Champagne.

Perched on my lovely central spot in the lounge, courtesy of Ruinart, I greeted friends from London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I met new friends.  “Wow, amazing” I thought… we’re all here at the same time- gathered for art, art, and more art.

From this preview spot, we were all able to compare notes.  Notes about the art world and its people.  Notes about summers in St. Tropez and Ibiza.  Notes about which parties were supposed to be the most fun.  And back to art.  And so on.

The proliferation of art and culture centered in Miami Beach is truly impressive.  This beautiful jewel of a city shines with its dynamic and strong pulse, friendly and hospitable inhabitants, fascinating and complex international influence and forward-focus on the importance and practice of art and culture.  Thank you ABMB.  Thank you Miami Beach for this warm welcome.



Best Show: ABMB

Best Concept and Program: Arts for a Better World

Best Lecture: Art Basel Conversations- Karl Holmqvist poetry reading

Strong Showing: Art Miami, NADA, Design

Most Exciting: Bass Museum/Art Public (Collins Park)

Always Amazing: New World Center

Best Party: Shelborne Hotel/Art of Night

Best Kept Secret: Miami Beach Botanical Garden



About the Company

Written by judyholm on . Posted in About Art Concierge

Ms. Holm, Founder of Art Concierge and Aspirations Marketing and Public Relations has over twenty years of relevant experience, highlights  include:

Vice Chair, Arts and Culture Council, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce; Current appointment

Subject matter expert, with twelve full-page articles published in the past year, “Arts and Culture (PRE)view and (RE)view,” for the Miami Beach News.

Comprehensive background in arts and culture; served on six cultural boards for fifteen years and active in many organizations via membership and fundraising:

  • Arts- Venice Biennale, Art Basel Miami Beach, Arte Americas, Guggenheim NY, Bilbao and Venice, Miami Art Museum (MAM), MOCA Miami, MOMA NY and San Francisco, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor), Bass Museum of Art, New Museum, Wolfsonian-FIU, International Museum of Women (IMOW)
  • Performing Arts -San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, New World Symphony

Extensive international luxury markets and arts marketing and public relations experience, directed and executed 600 events and 60 art exhibitions:

  • Venice Biennale (May – Jul 2011):

                  Hosted gallerists, exhibitors and guests; promoted private events and provided VIP art and culture tours


  • Ferrari of San Francisco (2010):

                  Directed three days of events “Rally in the Valley” in Napa for private owners; supervised the brands’ marketing and PR for Concorso Italiano and Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach


  • Italian Cultural Institute – Maria Callas Exhibition and Opening Gala (2010):

                  Produced fundraiser and gala; created sponsorships and managed all marketing and PR; curated exhibition; exceeded all expectations with 20+ articles in press, TV coverage, attendance and financial goals +50%


  • Citibank Florida, California and Nevada:

                  Initiated an arts’ focused marketing program; including the ideation and development of all of the 35 branch partnerships; curated 50 art exhibits

Significant expertise in luxury lifestyle marketing with high net worth clients; partial list of clients, partners and employers (past/present):

  • Auto- Ferrari, Maserati
  • Wine – Lynmar Estate
  • Beauty – L’Oreal, Estee Lauder (Bumble and bumble and La Mer), Sally Hansen/Coty, Brad Johns for Avon
    • Visual and Performing Arts – Arts and Culture Council Miami Beach, PF Global ARTists, Italian  Cultural Institute, San Francisco Ballet, Venice Biennale
    • Financial (High net worth clients’ banking and investment strategy) – Citibank, Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, Mellon Capital, Wells Fargo


The Hotels of Miami

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The Hotels of Miami (Beach)… ARTful Living

 Similar to the commentary on local restaurants, there are many fantastic hotels in Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and beyond.  However, this guide is focused primarily on hotels in Miami Beach.

 There are many excellent hotel options that will help create a wonderful experience for a visit to Miami. The properties included in this guide reflect a wide range of architectural and design style.

In 1995, the look and feel of South Beach changed dramatically and indelibly with the opening of the Delano, developed by Ian Schrager and super star designer Philippe Starck.  With a stunningly bright white theme, and sleek lines throughout, it is still one of the nicest properties on the beach! 

 The charm of the Art Deco architecture and design era, that began in Paris in the 1920s and rose to international popularity through the 1940s, remains closely associated with South Beach today.  Though it is definitely an integral part of the South Beach vibe, Miami has become a mecca for sophisticated, sleek, deluxe hotels that cater to the most discerning travelers.


Client experience

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The client experience… luxuriate in the discovery of beauty

 Imagine being greeted at the entrance to your hotel by an awaiting limo.  Once inside, the magic of the day begins… as we begin the tour of the insiders’ art tour of Miami.

Although we will have already discussed your interests, we will continue the conversation about what type of art you like and what you want to learn.. What you know about “Wynwood,” the “Design District” and other criteria that will set the tone for the day.

While luxuriating in the comfort of the limo, your Art Concierge will share invaluable insights to the art world – local tidbits and international trends… what’s happening in the other major cities like New York LA, Paris and Venice; what’s hot, what’s not… and what’s all the buzz about Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Before you know it, you arrive at the first destination, one of the top galleries in Wynwood… where we are escorted in and given a tour of the place, with poignant details about the artists and their work.  After receiving a white-glove private tour, we will continue on to the next destination –another gallery, a private studio, or collection.

Each of the hand-selected venues houses some of the most exciting art work available in the world today.  Miami is a major force in the cutting-edge art contemporary movement, which is shared with you throughout the day.  Or, if your taste in art tends to the more traditional, there are several galleries and museums that include many of the greatest masters through the history of art – from the golden Egyptian era to the ever-popular pop artists, such as Lichtenstein and Warhol. Or, you can experience the widest range of art imaginable.  It’s your choice- it’s your day!

Art and fine dining are a natural combination. You will be delighted by a private luncheon (or reception) in one of the finest restaurants of Miami, shhhh maybe even a celebrity chef siting!  Our champagne sponsor, Laurent Perrier, offers the best bubbles to enhance the experience.

After three or four galleries, studios and private collections… a delicious meal and perhaps a glass of bubbly, it is time to head back to the hotel.  The highlight of your day may be the entire sensory experience; you may fall in love with some of the art, or you may just fall in love.  Who knows.. This is Miami after all!


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