About Art Concierge

Internationally known for its beaches and nightlife, Miami also has a burgeoning and exciting arts and culture scene. Art Concierge is focused on exploring this important facet of Miami, and sharing ideas on where to go and what to do with those who may not have all of the knowledge or guidance they need. Whether you are a local resident who is curious about what’s happening in the art scene in Miami, or a visitor who may be interested in viewing and perhaps purchasing some beautiful art work, Art Concierge is a resource for the best art in Miami.

Because the area is very diverse, segmented and compartmentalized between cities and neighborhoods, it can be difficult to navigate. It is also challenging to grasp the nuances between the various art and culture venues and events.

The majority of the content in Art Concierge is dedicated to visual art, and how to explore the top spots throughout the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. The categories included are: art in public places; galleries; museums and private collections; art fairs.

Additional content is provided for other important aspects of the cultural lifestyle… performing arts; fashion and design; as well as some great restaurants and hotels to enjoy in the area.


Our goals are to provide sophisticated residents and travelers a unique point of view about culture in Miami, as well as to offer private art services and tours.



Judy Holm, Editor

Judy Holm,

Vice-Chair of the Arts and Culture Council, Miami Beach Chamber and Pillar Member

Ms. Holm is the Founder of Aspirations Marketing and Public Relations. She is a San Francisco native, and has lived in New York, Paris, Venice and the South of France. Her international boutique firm specializes in art and culture, charity and luxury lifestyle brands.










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